BOB BLOG # 1 June 23rd 2019

Today I was taken out of storage after years in the dark. I’m not entirely sure what the date is. I am equal parts nervous and excited.

I, being a very sought after commodity by a very excited Sensei, was acquired, and just like that; I had a new home!

Sensei Mitchell talked with my old roommate, who put me into the storage locker, about how excited Sensei was to get me and help him teach his students!

He mentioned some names, but I was, honestly, so excited to be out of storage that the names didn’t stick. I’m sure in no time I’ll have all of the students memorized!

I was then put into a vehicle by this very excited Sensei! I think he’s as happy to get me as I am excited to help him!

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BOB BLOG # 2 June 23rd 2019 #2 Later that day!

Sensei Mitchell Pennell drove me to his home and cleaned me up a bit. My previous roommate used rubber training weapons which made a bit of a mess of my body.

Sensei Mitchell says I’m to be an “Uki” or a training dummy for his students! I don’t know if I like the term “Dummy” but I do like the idea of helping students become the best martial artists they can be!

When Sensei said that I’d be of use; I was so happy. I really feel like that is my purpose in this life. Weird how one little thing can give such clarity. #Blessed

Blog # 3 July 2nd 2019


There’s water in my base and I’m all set up in my new home! (*dojo)

I get to help students become their very best! I’m so happy!!

Sensei Mitch was able to clean me up a bit. I haven’t seen myself but Sensei says I have quite a lot of marks from those rubber weapons my prior roommate used.

Everyone was very impressed with me, which was a great feeling. All the “Cool”s and “Awesome’s” were apprecitated. Kids couldn’t wait to knock me down!

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Blog # 4 JULY 13TH 2019

Today Sensei Mitchell Loaded me back into his van.

He says we’re going to help one of his friends raise some money for medical expenses through a punching contest!

I don’t really ever need medical assistance but I hear it can be quite expensive.

I just hope I’m a good helper for Sensei Mitch.


The event was pretty awesome. An old high school friend of Sensei’s named Peter Arvidson performed music from his new cd- which he was selling.

I helped raise money by having people pay a few dollars to strike me 10 times in 30 seconds to win some lessons and a t-shirt; as well as all participants were put into a drawing for sparring gear.

Plus I have an AWESOME new shirt specifically for me from my “parent” @centurymartialarts.

I was so helpful at the event. We only raised about $80 from the punching contest but even that small amount should help!

We gave all the money to Peter’s friend to help with expenses minus a few dollars to cover the cost of the t-shirts for the contest winners.

Sensei even got a couple of good photos of me at the event!

It feels so good to help Sensei’s friend while hopefully boosting exposure and enrollment in the dojo.

I’m excited for new students in the weeks to come.

Blog # 5 August 1st 2019

Today Greg and Jack used me as a target for footwork drills moving around opponents and mobility. The students did male/female triangle stepping and I was placed at the appex of the angles for them to strike.

Sensei Mitchell gave me a century martial arts helmet to protect my skin and add a layer of realism to the drills.

I really like Greg. He’s always so fierce when he hits me especially for a teenager. His control is amazing which is probably because he’s such a well mannered kid. He even has the best jokes!

Greg cut his hand on my rubber skin somehow but Sensei Mitch gave him a band aid. I really hope Greg isn’t mad at me. He then just did footwork and kicks after that; those are looking pretty good.

I really like Jack; he’s a big guy in his late 20s and he’s very strong. He often knocks me over without trying! I think Sensei Mitch should put more water in my base- I don’t like being unbalanced; especially if I’m to be a gook Uki for Jack and Greg and all the other MPMA Students.

NOTE: Sensei Mitch put more water in me the day after I wrote this entry. Very awesome of him for learning about my need and filling it.

Blog # 6 AUGUST 13TH 2019

In 3 days, my new home- the Milwaukie Portland Elks Lodge- they will be having their second annual “Undersized Renaissance Faire.” I am not sure what that is but I will be helping Sensei Mitchell with a booth at my new home.

Sensei is going to do the same type of contest we did at the event for his friends medical fund; only this time there will be 4 winners of sparring gear (2 for each day); and hopefully 10-20 new trial students at the class!!!

I’m not sure if Sensei plans on dressing up or; even better; dressing me up to fit the event or if I’ll wear the red Century T-Shirt. I will wait and see.

I’m so happy to have found such a great job with Sensei Mitchell and his students!

Blog # 7 August 16th 2019

Sensei Mitch and I set up our booth for the Renaissance Faire going on tomorrow and Sunday at the Milwaukie-Portland Elks Lodge.

The first canopy was gifted to us but wasn’t sturdy enough to stand up to the wind, so Sensei Mitch left me with his friend Jack to watch the booth and went and bought another one.

He picked up a bright Red Canopy; which matches my shirt and matches his Gi. He says it’ll present a united image. He’s occasionally pretty smart that way.

I don’t understand all that psychology stuff; but it will be pretty cool to match Sensei and match the new canopy tomorrow.

I’m so excited for tomorrow!!! I hope we get 500 . . . . no, 1000 new students!!!!

We will probably get about 40-50 trial students which will be amazing!

If we keep 10-20 after their two free weeks, the event will be an amazing success!!!

Super Excited!!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!!!

Blog # 8 Part 1 Undersized Ren Faire- Day One

I got all set up at a table with information about the self defense program.

I started off the day really excited!! but I got a little frustrated when the Boy Scouts started inflating a bounce house and a tomahawk throwing station in the parking lot. I spent a good portion of the day watching people head towards our booth and the other booths in our area; only to veer left and go to the boy scout booth instead. Skipping ours, and a few other local artists/leather worker booths all together.

We got a few interested people; especially a woman named Danielle; who has some great punches and is excited to learn. We also had a father sign up his two daughters for a trial and I can’t wait to meet them!

BLOG #8-2: Undersized Renaissance Fair Day 2

After yesterday poor turn out, Sensei Mitch decided to move the booth next to the Boy Scouts booth; but it didn’t help get people interested.

Later in the day, Sensei Mitch did a demonstration for Faire goers while Jakob watched the Booth.

Overall, I think the event went really well but could have been better for the success of the dojo had there been more discussion and planning about location of the booth and the days events.

There’s always next year!!

BLOG # 9 9/26/19

Sensei Mitch is super excited as all the students are getting close to their next stripes!!!

Jakob is ready for the self defenses but doesn’t know where his belt is- so can’t test.

Greg is Fierce!! He needs a bit better focus but his energy and effort is 100%. He’s just got to get a bit more experience sparring before he can test for his next stripe.

Jack is becoming more balanced and precise with his kicks and punches.

Danielle always puts 100% into her practice. She’s starting to learn the basics of sparring and the first 11 strikes and blocks.

I think everyone is doing great.

They are all excited for their next stripes/ranks but Sensei Mitch would be doing them a disservice promoting them before they are ready.

Oh, look at the time. It’s already 4:30 pm. I better get ready for the 5 pm class.

BLOG #10 10/31/19

Helped out Sensei Mitch at the Elks Annual Trunk-Or-Treat event. Met some amazing Ghosts and Witches (Kids in costumes) and even had some kids knock me down! (with Sensei’s help)

We even had Chocolates with the school’s logo on them to pass out to all the kiddos.

It was a lot of fun! I hope some of those ghosts and ghouls come to try out the class soon!

Blog # 11 11/28/19

See the source image


Although today was a Thursday; Sensei Mitch didn’t open the dojo today!

He spent the day with his family.

I hope all of the MPMA Students are safe and surrounded by love and acceptance on this day.

Jakob is a great senior student; being such an amazing example for the lower ranked belts. He’s also doing great on his level 3 material.

Jack and Greg are doing well on their mobility drills of level 2.

Skylar is doing great on his elbow and knee strikes patterns of level 1.

There’s a couple of new girls- lily and Rose- from the Trunk Or Treat event! who haven’t worked with me much but are both really focused and driven. I think they’ve enjoyed working with Sensei. I can really tell the girls are doing their best and are very focused during instruction.

It’s so great to see all these students working hard together on being their best selves. I’m eagerly looking forward to next Tuesday when I can once again help these amazing students continue to learn how to be empowered and safe! (*And help them burn off any extra calories from Thanksgiving meals)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

#Lovemyjob #mpmaselfdefense #thanksgiving #bobblog

Bob Blog #12 December 30th 2019 End Of Year Blog!

This year has been great!!! I’ve only been with MPMA for 6 months and it has been amazing!!

In that short time, I’ve helped students achieve their goals and stripes on their ranks; I’ve assisted Sensei in TWO community events (All about Jon & Undersized Ren Faire) and I’ve watched the student base maintain.

Sensei has already seamlessly integrated me into drills and objectives during classes and I’m so happy to be of use!

I sincerely hope that all the students had an amazing winter festivities and I can’t wait for 2020!

It’s going to be EPIC!!

Blog # 13 12/30/19

Sensei has been talking with me and Assistant Instructor Sierra about ways to improve our students knowledge.

Every class I sit and watch all the students open class with an Oath; Almost every class Sensei discusses the importance of awareness, and Sensei wants to also draw attention to the physical achievements one can gain through steady and consistent training; as well as through steady and consistanct attendance.

Years before I joined MPMA, Sensei wrote some basic rules or codes of conduct for the students and thinks a visual reminder that he and Sierra can point to in order to correct students behavior would be of great value!

Sensei is going to make some signs for the class that incorporate: 1. The Student Oath; 2. Objective:Awareness; 3. Definition: Self Defense; 4. Basic rules of the Dojo; and, lastly; 5. a seven step poster about strength; power; endurance; flexibility; speed; agility; and Balance.

I can’t wait to see these signs up in the dojo to help guide and remind students of the importance of fitness regarding self defense and the programs taught at MPMA!

So excited for 2020!

#Lovemyjob #empoweringeveryone #bobblog

Blog # 14 1/11/20

Sensei is so excited for 2020 and our schools continued success. He’s been talking with me about growing the enrollment through a youtube channel!

Guess who gets to be a STAR!?!

Yep, Me. Little old BOB at MPMA.

I’m ready for my close up.

Blog #15 11/05/2021

Sensei Mitch has started training clients at Anytime Fitness as a personal trainer and manager, So Bob is going to go with him to help. I know that Covid-19 is still going around so I’m not sure when or even, IF we will be able to return to the Milwaukie Elks Lodge in the future.

In the meantime, Sensei is going to work on some of his fitness goals, creating content for our dojo’s youtube channel, and hopefully training some clients digitally.

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