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Here’s a List of all of the content over at the New MPMA YOUTUBE CHANNEL. (By rank and recommended watching order)

Note: There will be NEW content from the first 3 ranks (white; yellow; yellow-stripe) added throughout this pandemic.

As I add content I will place it on this list in the appropriate order ALONG WITH DATE Uploaded.

The channel will be organized by upload date but, as I may not be filming everything in rank order, this also allows me to clarify what to watch; and add content out of rank order.

Enjoy the free content and I look forward to seeing you all in class when Covid-19 is eradicated and it is safe to resume classes. I am also available for private one-on-one or small family classes over zoom for a small class-by-class donation. Use this sites contact page to let me know you’re interested and We can get it all set up.

-Sensei Mitchell Pennell

May 29th 2020



2. How to tie your belt (4/7/20)

3. Student oath (4/9/20)

4. warm-up #1 legs (4/9/20)

5. Warm up #2 first stripe Strikes (4/10/20)

6. Warm up #3-1 Front push kick (4/10/20)

7. Warm up #3-2 front snap kick (4/10/20)

8. Warm up #3-3 rear roundhouse kick (4/10/20)

9. Stances (4/10/20)


1. White belt stripe # 1 Striking combinations (using warm up strikes) (4/16/20)

2. White belt stripe #2 adding strikes to kicks (4/16/20)

3. White belt stripe #2 adding back kick to strikes-kick combinations (4/16/20)

4. White belt stripe #2 Footwork Drills (4/16/20)

5. White belt stripe #2 rear leg side kick (4/11/20)

6. White belt stripe #2 Back kick (4/11/20

7. White belt stripe #3 Elbow ranges (4/14/20)

8. White belt stripe #3 knee strike pattern (4/14/20)

9. White belt stripe #3 elbow and knee pattern (4/14/20)

10. white belt stripe #3 Range changing drill on BOB (5/9/20)

11. White belt stripe #3 elbow/knee drill on BOB (5/9/20)

Work outs

Level 1 material

1. Beginner level 1 work out (4/29/20)

2. Intermediate level 1 workout (4/25/20)


1. Little Dragon Oath (Upcoming!)

2.Little dragon #1 White belt ( 5/02/20)

3. Little dragon #2 white w/ yellow stripe (5/2/20)

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