The MPMA instructors believe that martial arts can truly empower all of their students in order to teach them life skills, awareness, and the tools necessary to keep themselves safe.

Tying together many self defense philosophies, the program taught at MPMA focuses on empowerment based self defense blending striking arts of Karate and American boxing, with the ground defense of Jiu-Jitsu, and Filipino stick and knife defense to create a well rounded and fully empowered individual who never wants to fight but has the ability to keep themselves and those they care for safe.

This philosophical outlook on awareness can be summed up in our Student Creed written by Sensei Pennell:

We are a Self Defense Academy;

We use our eyes to be aware of our surroundings;

We use our minds to find peaceful solutions to problems;

We use our ears to listen to our instructors;

We use our voice to ask for help;

We use our feet to get away from danger;

And if these fail,

We’ll use our skills to defend ourselves.”

What People Say

I took the self defense class from Mitchell and now I feel more confident. . . I was so impressed with this class and the instructor that I decided to sign up my kids and they have been going for 6 months. Not only do they love it, but I love how I am able to integrate pieces of class into our daily lives to smooth out some areas. I now have confidence that my children will be able to protect themselves from most who mean them harm. . . I Recommend Mitchell Pennell’s self defense class for any and everyone.”

Michele Ragen

” Mitchell is very knowledgeable and kind. He works will all demographics patiently and with a positive outlook. The skills you learn and the experience you get at a GREAT value.”

Brian Galassini

“Mitchell’s Self Defense class ignited in me a passion for martial arts. He cares about you, and creates an environment which feels like family. He will go out of his way to help you succeed in your goals.”

Emily Bacon

Let’s build something together.

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