Our clients love their time at MPMA Self Defense.

All reviews are taken from the current and former client’s who have worked under the supervision of Sensei Pennell; unless they are specifically in reference to assistant instructors, which is specified on each appropriate review.

No one was paid for their reviews and no editing has been done from the submitted reviews (except for minor spelling errors and redundancies in phrasing.)

“(MPMA) is the first self defense class I ever took. It ignited in me a passion for martial arts. (Sensei Mitchell) cares about you, and creates an environment which feels like family. He will go out of his way to help you succeed in your goals.”-Emily B. (Level 3 Graduate)

“The instructor (Sense Pennell) is very knowledgeable and kind. He works with all demographics patiently and with a positive outlook. The skills you learn and the experience you get are at a great value.” -Brian G (Level 2 Graduate)

“The seminar taught by Sensei Pennell helped me take the first steps to healing after being a victim of . . .(domestic assault.) I have finally started sleeping through the night, and I have Mitchell to thank for that.”- Martha A. (Self defense 1-day seminar participant)

“I took the self defense class from Mitchell and now feel more confident. . . I was so impressed with the class and the instructor that I decided to sign my kids (age 8 and 10) up and they have been going now for more than six months and not only do they love it, but I love how I am able to integrate pieces of class into our daily lives to smooth some areas. I now have confidence that my children will be able to protect themselves from most who mean them harm, and be able to talk about it. I would, and do, recommend Mitchell Pennell’s self defense class for any-and everyone.”- Michelle T. (Level 1 graduate/ Children were level 2 graduates)

”MPMA has been a godsend to me and my boys. After my son got in trouble for fighting it was discovered he was protecting a smaller child from a known bully. With the help of Sensei Mitchells guidance, training, and support, we were able to address the problem with the school, help my son and the other child with conflict resolution, and get the bullies held accountable for their actions. My wife and I will always be grateful for sensei and the assistant instructors at MPMA for their help empowering our child to handle these situations going forward.”- Mary L. (grateful parent of an empowered child) (child was a level 1 graduate)

“The dedication and guidance Sensei(Mitch) gives his students every class is admirable. He genuinely cares about each students progress and simply wants them to be safe and empowered. His program has helped my child feel safe again. I am forever grateful.” -Stephanie P. (Child was a level 1 graduate)

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